The Asil Club

International Association for the Preservation and Promotion of the Asil Arabian Horse

The Asil Club e.V. was founded in 1974 (No. 1636, Register of Associations at the Local Court of Hildesheim) and unites about 400 members from 40 nations - among others the Royal Studs of Saudi Arabia, the Royal Studs of Bahrain, the Studs of the Emirs of Qatar and the U.A.E., the Royal Cavalry of the Sultanate of Oman as well as the state studs in Dirab/Saudi Arabia, Bait Al Arab/Kuwait, El Zahraa/Egypt, Basel Al Assad/Syria, Bàbolna/Hungary, the Main and County Stud Marbach/Germany - the oldest stud with pure breeding of Asil Arabs in Europe (Asil-Egyptian and Asil-Arabian (Murana I).

Mission and Activities

Since its foundation in 1974, the Asil Club has been working for the preservation and continuation of the authentic Arabian horse, the Asil Arabian (Asil (Arab.): pure, noble, unspoiled), and the strict breeding and husbandry rules handed down by the Bedouins of the Arabian Peninsula. Thanks in particular to its activities, it was possible to increase the initially small proportion of Asil Arabians in the total stock of registered Arabian horses – two percent in the middle of the 20th century – to eight percent in the meantime. The goal of the Asil Club is to preserve the genetic and character traits of the Asil Arabian horse (Asil Arabian) that have been firmly established through the millennia-old Bedouin tradition of Asil breeding.

As the world's first man-made purebred breed, the Asil Arabian demonstrably shines with: character, performance, type. It is a living cultural heritage of mankind. Thanks to these qualities, almost all modern riding horse breeds have been more or less influenced by the Asil Arabian through crossbreeding.

It is necessary, in the sense of conservation breeding, to preserve this original source of his particularly valued qualities and the variety of its type characteristics, to educate internationally about the knowledge of the importance of consistent Asil breeding and to maintain this further, especially through appropriate activities related to almost all facets of husbandry and equestrian sport.

The management of the Asil Club e.V. with its members from meanwhile 40 nations is in the hands of The Board (see there) and the Office in Germany (see there), which organize the annual general meetings (see there), the Asil Cup International Festivals (see there) and in regular intervals the documentations Asil Arabians - The Noble Arabian Horses (see there, published so far volume I - VII, meanwhile in German, English, Arabic).

Also the website, which offers information from the association as well as the possibility for members to offer horses for sale, to show stallions at stud or to highlight the (sportive) achievements of their horses under saddle or in front of the carriage, is currently maintained from here. In the future there will be the possibility to publish stud portraits for members for a small listing fee. Stud banners with linking and a stud list are already free of charge for members.



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