In the ASIL ARABIANS VI we show the dubiousness of breeding for the beauty factor, and how much the international show circuit - often only a playground for insiders - incites this breeding policy.

When the Asil Club instituted the ASIL CUP INTERNATIONAL, the idea - which has proved a great success - was to present to the public and the media the essential qualities of the Arabian horse through the following:

  • The inclusion of graded riding classifications, distance riding, western riding, short distance races, dressage, and driving demonstrations;
  • Captivating the interest of the public - the ASIL CUP INTERNATIONAL has become one of the best visited Arabian events, with correspondingly high interest from the media;
  • Frequent change of location of the event;
  • A lively, attractive show programme in the afternoons, with many aspects of Arabian flair - presentation of dromedaries, salukis (saluki races), falconry displays, and the presentation of other breeds of horse which have been influenced to a greater or lesser extent by the Arabian;
  • An art exhibition, with paintings, sculptures and other works depicting the Arabian horse;
  • A gala evening, at which our guests include many personalities, especially from the Arab countries. International performers and champion horses provide an entertaining programme on the stage;
  • The continued marks of distinction such as the H.H. SHEIKH ZAYED BIN SULTAN AL NAHYAN CUP, and former patronages, such as of the Sultanat of Oman, of the Arab astronaut H.R.H. Prince Sultan Bin Salman, Prime Minister Dr. Lothar Sp├Ąth and Prime Minister Dr. Erwin Teufel;
  • In the past, companies such as BMW, EADS, EMIRATES, GULF AIR, KODAK, LUFTHANSA, MERCEDES, OMEGA, SAUDIA and others sponsored the event.