Dear members,

here you will learn more about the Annual General Meeting 2020 and the confirmation of Asil status and breeding of the socalled Khuzestan Asils or straight-Irani Asil Arabians.

Annual General Meeting 2020 in Hildesheim

Conference at the Hotel Van der Valk, Markt 4 (GPS: Jacobistraße), 31134 Hildesheim, Hall Wollenweber

Horse presentation Olms Arabian Hamasa Stud, Giseh Asil Arabians Stud and Mara Schwarz with Hamasa Mansour


It was a wonderful day:

wonderful weather, wonderful horses, great place, wonderful people, wonderful food.

14 September 2019


Kauber Platte Arabians Stud

Hofgut Kauber Platte 1
56349 Kaub, Germany

Annual Genereal Meeting 2018

On 8 September, our members gathered for the annual general meeting at Schloss Bückeburg. This was a very special occasion. All participants were absolutely delighted.

Photos online!

On 9 September we met for our annual general meeting at Roter Ball Arabian Stud, Röttingen, Germany, the farm of Regine Astrid, Nina, and Mark Kern.

Classic Egyptian Arabians
The Poth-family
Hohwies 1
72513 Hettingen

On September 14, 2013, the annual meeting of Asil Club members and guests took place at Michael Ponnath’s stud farm. After the board meeting, some 100 members were treated to a lovely presentation of most of the farm’s horses.