For all those who could not be there, we will look back at the event here once again:

It was great! Warm hosts, best weather, interesting reports and lecture, great Asil Arabians shown by committed young members, delicious home-baked cakes and a great orientally-inspired buffet in the evening. On Sunday there was the commented morning work in Classical Dressage training and a visit of the very interesting Knauff-Museum with its oriental department.

At the beginning Silvia Naumann in the saddle of Serenity Shaham and Dietrich Olms, both Board members, welcomed the members and guests, among others Mrs. Khoulud Shehab Aljunaibi and Mrs. Nuria Sammer from the embassy of the United Arab Emirates as well as the Chairman of the GASB, Mr. Manfred Jedzini with his wife.

In her greeting, Mrs. Aljunaibi emphasized the many years of successful joint work for the preservation of the Asil Arabian Horse of the Bedouins, which is particularly close to her heart as a descendant of the latter; and she stressed the friendship with the Asil Club and its president, whom she especially honored post hoc on his 95th birthday.

In his report, the president then paid tribute to our late vice-president, Georg Thierer, as well as to the late Professor Gert Preiser, in a slide presentation, paying special tribute to the joint trips with Georg Thierer, the Asil Cup events, the WAHO meetings and the visits to the Arabian countries.

After a minute of silence, the president emphasized the necessity that our Asil Arabians’ offspring should always be trained with special commitment. Not only for trail and endurance riding or for short distance races, but also the Asil Arabian's aptitudes for ground work, dressage and high school exercises should be particularly cultivated. In another slide presentation, examples were shown up to the mastery of Richard Hinrichs, the Cadre Noir or the Spanish Riding School.
This was followed by the reports of the cash auditor and the treasurer. The general assembly unanimously granted ratification of the acts of the Board and the treasurer for the fiscal year 2021.
Then ten new members were welcomed. Next on the agenda was the election of another board member and a new vice-president. The Board had put for election Dr. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck, Director of HUL Marbach/Marbach State Stud, as the new vice-president. She was elected without any votes against her. As a new member of the Board Mrs. Reinhild Moritz, state-certified equestrian manager (master diploma), active rider, long-time stud manager of the Kauber Platte Stud was also elected without dissenting votes; all members warmly welcomed these decisions.

Asil Arabian and Classical Horsemanship Presentation

The presentation of the horses began with a beautifully designed quadrille, ridden by Barbara Stimpfig and three other riders from the Herrnsheimer Mühle on their Lipizzaners and Warmbloods, rehearsed under the aegis of master trainer Eberhard Weiß, who completely dedicated himself to classical dressage training. Then Patrick Rudolph and Isabell Kubalack presented two asile stallions bred by Dr. Gisela Wegener, Westen Arabian Horse Stud, the yearling Nouri GW (Smaragd GW - Nelly Bt. Gharb GW), Saklawi Gidran Ibn Sudan, in hand as well as the only 5-year-old, recently licensed stallion Moses GW (Marib GW by Serenity Makib - Salalah GW), also a Saklawi Gidran Ibn Sudan. Monika and Dieter Roth presented ground work for building trust and respect from Natural Horsemanship with their two Marbach Asil Arabians Ninja (Serenity Habib - Nya-la), Dahman Shahwan, and Nassab (Musab - Nassarina), Dahman Shahwan. Silvia Naumann presented her two-year old stallion Shair Ibn Shaham (Serenity Shaham - Serenity Bt. Dasara), Hadban Enzahi, an asil offspring of her internationally successful 17-year-old performance sire Serenity Shaham (AK Shah Munifeh - Hamamii), Hadban Enzahi, from the famous breeding program of our late board member, the pedigree expert Hansi Heck-Melnyck, USA.
A beautiful picture offered at the end Haifi Ibn Shaham (Serenity Shaham - Wega), who is in classical dressage training at the Herrnsheimer Mühle, presented in hand alongside Lipizzaner Favory ridden by Barbara Stimpfig, the owner of the premises and his trainer. We extend our thanks to the dedicated breeders and owners for the presentation of their young Asil Arabians, who impressively displayed their talents and good character, and will surely soon be a delight under saddle.

Afterwards, master trainer Eberhard Weiß spoke about the benefits of classical dressage training, especially for Arabian horses, about what the philosophy of classical training entails and then emphasized the importance of a non-restrictive saddle for the development of the musculature in training, the suppleness, and the performance of the horse.

As a grand finale a magnificent, orientally-inspired dinner buffet, which offered the greatest delights, was served in the evening under the open sky by the light of torches, thanks to the good weather. We would like to thank the Department of Public Diplomacy of the Embassy of the UAE for the generous support and the wonderful musical accompaniment by the saxophone and traditional Oud duo. A heartfelt thank you goes to our fantastic hosts and all helpers for the loving and generous care.

DMzb/The Board