The Asil Club

International Assoiation for the Preservation and Promotion of the Asil Arabian Horse

The Asil Club (Asil = Arabic for: noble, pure, unspoiled) unites 400 members from 39 countries – such as the King of Saudi Arabia, the Emirs of Bahrain, the U.A.E. and Qatar, the Royal Cavalry of Oman, the State Studs El Zahraa/Egypt, Bait Al Arab/Kuwait, Dirab/Saudi Arabia and Basel al Assad/Syria, the State Studs of Bàbolna, Marbach and Topolçianky and many important private studs and celebrities, for example Charly Watts (Rolling Stones). 

The Asil Club has gained national, but particularly also international importance, be­cause of its aim of preserving and promoting one of the most valuable cultural assets in horse breeding: the Asil Arabian, the first pure-bred breed created by mankind. Breeding follows the thousands-of-years old Bedouin tra­dition. Still today, in all his ancestors an Asil Arab must trace back to the horses bred by the Be­douin tribes on the Arabian Peninsula.

Mission and Activities

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The Asil Arabian has helped to create and improve all modern horse breeds

Besides the English Thoroughbred, the Lipizzaner, Hanoverian, Trakehner, all warmblood breeds, even light draft horses, the Spanish horse, Anglo-Arabian and many more would have been inconceivable in today’s form without the influxnce of original Arabain blood.

President of the Asil Club e.V. is the publisher Senator e.h. Dr. h.c. mult. W. Georg Olms, Hildesheim, from whose successful breeding programme more than 120 successful sports, breeding, and show horses have found their way to studs and stables around the world over the past 50 years.

The Asil Arabian horses are held in high regard for their unique qualities and:

  • gentleness and temperament,
  • refinedness and great nobility,
  • the best character conceivable and devotedly attached to man,
  • rideability, athleticism, and high willingness to perform,
  • serenity, health, persistance,
  • versatility, cooperativeness, intelligence, eagerness to learn,
  • stamina and speed.

Asil Arabians give evidence of these qualities in all equestrian disciplines:

  • endurance rides under saddle and in harness,
  • flat races,
  • dressage,
  • western riding disciplines,
  • eventing,
  • but also as a spare time partner for the whole family, therapeutic riding, with kids etc.!



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