Latiefa (Hamasa Khazzan - Hamasa Tarifa)

Olms Hamasa Araber Gestüt / Olms Hamasa Arabians

LATIEFA (Hamasa Khazzan – Hamasa Tarifa)
Grey mare, born 1993, † 2001, pedigree see Asil Arabians VI, page… 380 f.
Z./Br. & B./O.: The Arabian Horse Center – Bait Al Arab Kuwait State Stud
imported in utero to Kuwait from Olms Arabians Hamasa Stud in
WAHO Trophy Winner – Kuwait, 2007
Latiefa was honored with the WAHO Trophy for her important contribution to the Kuwait Arabian horse breeding programme. The Dahma Shawaniyah mare became a foundation mare for Bait Al Arab and established her own significant family. In type and conformation she was stamped by her grand sire, the Morafic son Farag, tall, elegant with a very refined head, a broad forehead, a large eye, nicely shaped neck with a clean throat; a deep, wide chest, a strong croup and hind legs. Her movement was exceptional with long strides, powerful and she carried herself very proudly. Her daughters, Lamia Elkuwait and Layali Elkuwait, both by Ansata Hejazi, as well as Layla Elkuwait by Adnan, have proven to be of great value as broodmares. Latiefa’s family is the biggest of all families at Bait Al Arab and is known for their special charm and charisma.