Malik Halim

MALIK HALIM is probably the youngest available son of the famous PVA Kariim who was breeding on several continents. It was offspring like Imperial Baarez, who was Reserve World Champion in Paris in 2004 and 2008, who made PVA Kariim known as a superb producer. MALIK HALIM´s mother, Bint Moufisa, is one of the most beautiful mares by Al Kidir by The Egyptian Prince. In her early years, Bint Moufisa was also successful on shows, e.g., in 1996 as European Champion Reserve in France and as Germa n National Champion.
MALIK HALIM himself is not only a half-brother to Imperial Baarez but also a guarantor for typey and high class offspring with strong movements and the characteristic Saqlawi Jidran Moniet El Nefous – heads .

Presumably, MALIK is one of the last available PVA Kariim sons in the straight Egyptian breeding business in Europe.


Name: Malik Halim

Typ: Deckhengst

Alter: 9 Years

Farbe: Grey

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