Qualification for the Asil Cup International

Qualified for the show classes are all Asil Arabian Horses actual registered in a WAHO accepted studbook. 


SK01 Filly and Colt Foals (2014)
SK02 Yearling Fillies (2013)
SK03 2+3-year-old Fillies (2012-2011)
SK04 4-year-old Fillies (2010)
SK05 5+6-year-old Mares (2009-2008)
SK06 7-9-year-old Mares (2007-2005)
SK07 10-yo and older Mares (2004 and before) 
PK08 Daughters of the Wind


SK08 Yearling Colts (2013)
SK09 2+3-year-old Colts (2012-2011)
SK10 4-year-old Stallions (2010)
SK11 5+6-year-old Stallions (2009-2008)
SK12 7-9-year-old Stallions (2007-2005)
SK13 10-yo and older Stallions (2004 and before)
SK14 Geldiings
PK16 Pride of the Desert
PK17 Stallion Parade

The management hast the right to change the layout of the classes. One show classes should not content more than 10 horses.

Show Classes Judge List

Dr. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck Landoberstallmeisterin Marbach / Germany
Marion Richmond Australien
Dr. Jürgen Müller Landstallmeister Neustadt-Dosse / Germany
Bert Petersen former Landstallmeister Hessischen Landgestüts Dillenburg / Germany
Tamás Rombauer former Stud Manager State Stud Bábolna / Hungary

Judging system

Classes will be judged by three out of five judges, one of whom will be the chief judge, judging together and without a catalogue. The horses in each class will be evaluated in three rounds. The judges will evaluate the following criteria:

  1. Overall impression and the walk
  2. Conformation and type
  3. The trot

During each round, the judges will award from 1-10 points to each horse, which will be noted on the judge‘s score sheet. After the points have been awarded, the judges will determine the first three places and rank the horses accordingly in the ring.

In the first round, all horses will be led at the walk in ascending order of their numbers, following the ring steward’s instructions and will be ranked.

In the second round, the horses will then be asked separately (in ascending order of their numbers) to come forward to be judged on conformation, while the rest of the class continues to be led in the rear part of the ring. They will be brought forward following the ring steward’s instructions and judged standing as well as from the front and from the back while walking. If necessary, the ranking will be altered. 

In the third round, the horses will be trotted out separately. When the points for the trot have been awarded, all points will be added and divided by three. The average score is given to one decimal place (i.e. 7,6). In case of a tie, the horse with the higher score for overall impression and walk wins.

The judges’ speaker will comment the judges’ decisions for the first three horses. All other horses in the class rank equal 4th. The scores for each horse and full class results will be available at the show office or the speaker’s tent.

The foals are judged comparatively and ranked accordingly. If there should not be enough filly and colts foals, both will be judged in one class. The foal championship will be judged on Sunday following the colt foal class. The gelding class (class 15) will be judged by the same system as the other in-hand classes.

Entries in the classes  „Daughters of the Wind: Asil mares with success in performance“ (Class 16) and „Pride of the Desert: Asil Arabian stallions with performance tests“ (Class 17) may be shown in-hand or under saddle. The attire of horse and rider should be unostentatious and classic. No costumes, please. The horses‘ achievements will be presented by the judges‘ speaker or by the show announcer. Entries for these classes must be submitted with a list of their achievements in performance.

These classes will be judged by the spectators. Overall impression/type, movements (walk, trot, canter), conduct, and achievements will be judged by acclamation. The first three places will be awarded by the jury based on the strength of applause. All other participants will be ranked equal 4th.

Judging of Championships

Foal championship (Class 1, 2), Gold, Silver, and Bronze champions of fillies/colts

Junior Female Championship (Class 3, 5, 7): Gold, Silver, Bronze

Junior Male Championship (Class 4, 6, 8): Gold, Silver, Bronze

Senior Female Championship (Class 9, 10, 11): Gold, Silver, Bronze

Senior male Championship  (Class 12, 13, 14): Gold, Silver, Bronze

ASIL CUP Gold/Silver Champion Females

ASIL CUP Gold/Silver Champion Males

H.H. SHEIKH MANSOUR ASIL CUP Champion „Horse of the Show“

To select the champions, the first and second placed horses, beginning with the junior classes, will be led at the walk in two rings, the winners on Ring 1 and the second placed horses on Ring 2. The champions will be selected by three judges together. The Junior Gold Champions will be selected from the winners of the filly/colt classes. The Junior Silver and Bronze Champions will then be selected from all horses placed in these classes. The Senior Gold, Silver and Bronze Champions will be selected the same way.

For the ASIL CUP GOLD Champion females/males, the judges will select the winners from the junior and senior gold champions. The horses will be turned loose separately in order to show the gallop. Independent professional ring stewards will be in charge of the liberty displays. The handler will not be permitted to influence the horse. The movements should be shown freely, leisurely and without undue excitement. Following this, the two horses will be stood up together in the ring and the winner will be announced. The H.H. SHEIKH MANSOUR ASIL CUP Championship „Horse of the Show“ will be judged in the same way between the ASIL CUP GOLD Female Champion and the ASIL CUP GOLD Male Champion and will receive a special prize.