As a member of the Asil Club, you can request your personal access to the homepage in order to publish your Asil Arabian horses for sale, Asil Stallions at stud and publish performance records of your Asils to document their achievement under saddle. You will be registered in the system and receive a username and password, with which you  can log in and publish your horses under your own account and delete out-of-date information.

That's how it works:

  • Send an e-mail to and request your account and access code.
  • The system will send you a message with the username assigned and a system password known only to you.
  • Username and password can be entered at the bottom of each page, Login.
  • Don't get confused if the page look just the same! Only a button Account appears next to the Login button.
  • Click on Account to find all features you can fill with the information of your Asil horses for sale or at stud.
    Here you can also edit your horses performances under saddle for everyone to know!

  • If you have questions or problems, feel free to ask 
Please note that pictures have to be reduced in size to be accepted by the system. Resolution: 300 dpi is accepted, but the picture has to be reduced to 400 pixels width (landscape format) or 250 pixels width (portrait formate). Height will automatically adjust.
In the past there were problems with images not being accepted and therefore not being saved, but without a warning. Theoretically 10 MB can be uploaded, but in practice this doesn't really work. So please use any image processing program to reduce the size of your images. This will also help to save space.