2011 | Members Meeting

On Saturday the 17 September our longtime committed member Elke Behrens invited to Ostbevern. We were cordially received by the motivated studteam of “Ansiba Arabians” where since some time also the western training stable of our member Kai Nehring is seated.

The exemplary arranged equestrian facility is a positive attest that equitably horse keeping is perfectly combinable with sports activity.

After welcoming everyone present through the chairman Dr. Olmas the purposeful breeded stud horses were presented and commented in the established experienced way by Dr. Saenger. The foundation of the presented breed was the 1984 born and 2008 gone daughter of Moneef, Menaifah out of Messaouda, which in due course of being successful at the tournament sports brought forth seven foals. Out of these seven foals the 4 which stayed with the stud were presented.

In so doing one needs to mention that all the horses shown - when not shown by riding - impressing ground work was presented. Orashan was showcased by latetly started riding student in front of the audience. Her age was only revealed on site.

Unsurprisingly, when Elke Beherens and Kai Nehring are engaged, the overall presentation impressed how those gorgeous straight eqyptian horses are also showcased in their sports discipline at the highest stage.

The presentation of the stud horses was completed by a subject specialization on their Marbacher roots the so called “M-line” through our member Dr. Oster. Overall a precious glance to the past especially outlined by the numerous rare pictures.

At 5 pm the chairman Dr. Olms introduced the general assembly determining that the agenda was properly and in time ensured and therefore the assembly was constituted as a quorum.

The complete assembly raised for the commemoration of the dead for Dr. Erich Flade and the tragically and to soon deceased Isis, sole daughter of Sheika luluah al Sabah.

The annual report of the first chairman was watched with interest. The same applied for the annual report of the second chairman Mr. Georg Thierer about this years Sheika Lulua Asil Club disctance Marbach via 84, 42 and 33 km and the special course for handicapped persons and children. This years  endurance was a important part of the established Marbacher Arabian horse show “Bairactar Memorial”.

Mrs. Silvia Naumann as treasurer reported the narrative for the year 2010. Cash point auditor Miss Heike Bihler and Miss Helma Freimüller reported and proved that their survey did not addicted any complaints. All present members took of the general management without dissenting votes.

The chairman suggested to expand the board by Landoberstallmeisterin Miss Dr. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck. Following to the report of the career of Mrs. Dr. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck all members accepted her inclusion to the board.

Dr. Oster reported lively of our Saudi Arabian trip in February 2011 where for all of the present participants of this journey unforgettable memorials recovered.

Mister Mazen Amavi gave a lecture by popular wish about the positive impact of the “arab spring”.

The subsequent barbecue during perfect weather allowed to develop a accomplished combination of western and Bedouin feeling.

All of our special thanks to Elke Beherns and her team. Terrific and well done!