Annual General Meeting 2020 in Hildesheim

On September 5, 2020, members met at the invitation of the OLMS HAMASA ARABER STABLE, Olms family, at Söder Castle for the presentation of the stud horses as well as some horses of the nearby stud Giseh Asil Araber, Hillebrand family.
On the pasture of the stud in front of the castle scenery the foundation mares Hamasa Lobna (Messaoud - Hamasa Massuda) and Hamasa Noufous (Hamasa Khazzan - Hamasa Niyaba) were shown with their current offspring. Lobna leads the typey filly
Hamasa Laziza (*2020, by CM Madheenh El Erd) at foot. To the delight of the spectators, both could also show their beautiful movements in the free run. The beautiful Hamasa Noufous presented herself with her one and a half year old offspring from 2019. Hamasa Nafis (by the typey performance sire Khudaira Nuri Ibn Salam) already shows a lot of presence and nobility. The noble three-year-old Lobna daughter Hamasa Luh is out of a mating with the race performance tested and dressage placed Naheed son Ghamin.

Olms Hamasa Arabians, JHV/AGM 2020

Olms Hamasa Arabians, JHV/AGM 2020

The Giseh Arabians stud had the typey mares CM Naafeedah El Erb (Messaoud - Hamasa Itidal) and Tiffana (NK Kamar El Dine - Al Ilah Bint Tamria), both of whom have blood connections to the Hamasa breed and to the Bábolna State Stud through their ancestors. Both are offspring of the interesting stud stallion El Thay Kayan Al Sabah, who goes back to the HAMASA stallion Nabih (Farag - Nafteta) via Ajmal Tameen. Commentator Dr. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck praised the good gaits, correct conformation, type and impressive composure of all horses shown.

Mara Schwarz showed the now 8-year-old Hamasa Khazzan son Hamasa Mansour (a.d. Hamasa Lobna) under saddle, who shone with good riding horse exterior, great confidence, strong nerves and reliability, although ridden only with a knot halter on slippery, unknown terrain.

Then it was off to the Van der Valk Hotel Hildesheim on the historic market square, where after coffee and cake the participants listened to the presentations of the chairman, the treasurer and the cash auditor and unanimously granted discharge to the board for 2019.


ACI 2021

Because of the pandemic, an Asil Cup International 2021 must necessarily be postponed. It was suggested to have a smaller presentation without judges and professional trainers, possibly with the HuL Marbach as venue, when larger events are possible again.

The Board