In Memoriam Dr. Helmut Freimüller (1945 – 2012)

We mourn the death of our long-time member and board member Dr. Helmut Freimüller, El Naarah Stud, Schashagen, Germany, who sadly passed away on July 15, 2012.

We are grateful for 25 years of involvement and membership in our association and for his loyalty to the Asil Arabian horse, to whose breeding and preservation he had committed himself with his EL NAARAH stud farm. And we are thankful for more than a decade of involvement at the Board of Directors and for his activities at many Asil Cup International shows.

In the 1980s Helmut Freimüller first discovered his fascination with and passion for the Arabian horse. Its nobility, beauty, delicate modelling, athleticism, physical harmony, flying movements, and spiritedness coupled with a gentle character and sweet disposition deeply impressed him. To him the pure Arabian horse of the Bedouin in its perfection was a natural wonder and phenomenon; its physical capabilities, its willingness to perform, its rideability and intelligence, its good health, stamina and longevity. 

With his breeding program at EL NAARAH he mastered to bring all these qualities to perfection and preserve them in a highly noble breeding herd. 

Beauty, refinement, panache, and athletic capability were his most valued breeding aims, together with a gentle character, and a sweet temper in his horses. 

In 1983 the first asil-Arabian mares Shaklana, Bint Bassima and Badira Bint Malik came from Om El Arab. In 1988 the acquisition of the outstanding stallions Masoud (Ibrahim - Mona II) and 

El Thay Ibn Halim Shah (Halim Shah - Mahameh), highly noble, correctly modelled, with fine movements, rideability and stamina proved to be a lucky strike. 

The success of their offspring at endurance competitions and halter performances proved Helmut Freimüllers ideals to be right. Barasha El Naraah (*1993, El Thay Ibn Halim Shah - Al Basra), later also successful on the Arabian Peninsula, won the championship and title Horse of the Show at the H.H. Sheikh Zayed Asil World Cup 2000. Two more mares from El Naraah won the title Reserve Champion Senior Mares in 2003 and 2008.

Helmut Freimüller loved horses since childhood. He was a true “horseman”. He was full of joie de vivre and had a positive approach to life. He was a family man and loved to have people around him. We gladly recall the two annual general meetings at the beautifully situated Grenzbachhof, Mönsheim. Many of us have been privileged to enjoy his and his wife Helma’s great hospitality and generosity. The love for his horses always shone in his eyes. Especially Masoud had been „his“ horse and had a special place in his heart.

In all his activities, in his professional life as a physician and at the stud farm, he was supported by his dear wife Helma who lovingly cared for him and looked after him even in the most difficult times in the past years. 

We have lost a respected member of our community, a committed breeder with the a touch for horses, intuition and a sure instinct, who pursued his goal without letting himself be distracted by fashionable trends and, thus, has earned great merit in preserving and promoting the Asil Arabian horse of the Bedouin. And we have lost a good, warm-hearted friend.

Our deepest sympathies at the loss of their beloved husband, father, father-in-law, and grandfather are with his dear wife Helma, his sons Alexander, Michael and Stefan and with his family and friends. 

Dr. h.c.mult. W. Georg Olms, Chairman

Dipl.-Ing. Georg Thierer, Vice-Chairman

The members of the board of directors and of the Asil Club.